Steps to the Recognition of Academic Achievements Prior to Departure

1. Submission of documents

Prior to the semester abroad it is necessary to examine the eligibility of recognition of external courses. Therefore, you are responsible to submit a detailed syllabus of the respective course along with suggestions of internal courses that you wish to be accredited.

Please use the following E-Mail template: E-Mail correspondence

2. Assessment of the documents

The eligibility of recognition is based on the criteria of the Lissabon Convention (Quality, level, learning outcomes, work load, profile). In general, an equivalent course does not need to exist at the home institution for the eligibility of recognition. If, however, an equivalence is determined within the examination of eligibility, the respective courses can not be taken upon return.

3. Announcement of the eligibility of recognition

Normally, you will receive an e-mail notification within 2 to 3 weeks after all necessary documents have been submitted. Based on this notification it is necessary to create the "Learning Agreement".

Please note the following instructions: Instructions of filling out the form LA

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