Applications Process and Partner Universities

The completion of a study abroad program and the associated application for the recognition of credits earned abroad is open to all faculty students; however, students must consult with the faculty for recognition of credits before the program start date. Planning ahead and applying early to a study abroad program is strongly recommended (1 year before starting). Furthermore, it is important to adhere to application deadlines.

Informational events on the topic “Studying Abroad” are offered at the beginning of the winter semester by the International Office in cooperation with FEM. Please also consult the exchange program database "MOVE ON" of the International Office of Otto-von-Guericke University as well as event announcements from the International Office.

Application Deadlines:
WELTWEIT:    01. December        International Office
ERASMUS:     01. February               International Office

Contact Information:
General Advice
on studying abroad:
Initial Counselling: Campus Service Center, building 01, Wednesdays from 11:00 - 15:00;
Follow-up Counselling: International Office, building 18: Frau Anne Schulze (ERASMUS)
                                                                                      Frau Sylvia Zabel    (WELTWEIT)

Academic Counseling at the faculty:
Recognition of examination scores, signing of learning agreements:
FEM, building 22, room B 005:
Herr Dr. Toni Richter, Please email for an appoinment.


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