FWW-Professors Sarstedt, Gropp, and Kötter Ranked Excellent


"Who has impact in media, research and politics?" - Under this central question, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung assessed the relevance of economists working throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the aforementioned fields again in 2019 (information regarding methodology). Thus the search for "Germany's most influential economists" was prompted. If you focus on the topic of "science", or more precisely the citation frequencies of research contributions within books and journals, you can reflect upon positive results again this year: FWW Professor Marko Sarstedt (Chair of Marketing) is ranked third in the highly regarded F.A.Z. ranking, which once again confirms the excellent results he achieved last year!

Colleagues in Magdeburg would also like to congratulate Reint E. Gropp, VWL Professor in Magdeburg and President of the Leibniz Institute for Economic Research Halle, for an excellent ranking of 50th (previous year: 60th) in the overall ranking and 27th concerning his influence in politics.

>to the 2019 F.A.Z. Economist Ranking

Prof. Michael Kötter (Chair of Financial Economics at the FWW & Department Head at the IWH) is among the top 5% or 128th (Lifetime Ranking: 10% or 265th) of the economists from German-speaking countries in the current author ranking of the VWL Research Monitoring. A particular assortment of publication data, collected according to differentiated criteria, regularly provides the basis for the VWL ranking in the Handelsblatt, which is better known to the general public.    


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