My values Your values: What holds our society together?

Under this title, the Deutsche Gesellschaft e.V., supported by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, is organizing a regional conference in Saxony-Anhalt. The Mayor of Magdeburg, Dr. Trümper, the renowned political scientist Prof. Zehnpfennig (University of Passau), and, last but not least, Prof. Paqué, head of the Chair for International Economics at the FWW and Chairman of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, have committed to actively participating on May 29th. And you are also invited! “The project is aimed at representatives from the most diverse fields (culture, politics, science, (civil) society, media, multipliers) as well as all interested parties.  Participants are encouraged to engage in the current debate on values, to gain an understanding of regional situations, and to identify challenges and perspectives in order to establish a common cultural basis.”
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