Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg: Accredited


In February 2017, the well-known agency evalag, which is itself accredited and registered by the European Quality Assurance Register, was commissioned to carry out the assessment procedure for the accreditation of the OVGU quality assurance system. This was followed by two and a half years of intensive stocktaking and reporting, examination and process optimization, inspection, consultation, second inspection, and more, before approval was given in July 2019 and the hard-earned accreditation certificate was issued.  Now it is official: The system of internal quality assurance for studies and teaching established at the OVGU and in the individual faculties has passed all necessary tests and received a system accreditation valid until September 30, 2025. We would like to congratulate all those involved, above all Dr. Jessica Naundorf, Quality Assistant and Advisor of the Dean of Studies. 

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