Withdrawal from Examinations in Summer Term 2020


The Examination Office of the FWW provides information on the following points regarding withdrawals from examinations in the SoSe 2020:

1) Until June 14th you have the possibility to withdraw from your registered exams via the LSF web portal without giving any valid reason, i.e. without giving any reason at all. This possibility always exists according to your study and examination regulations and in this respect has nothing to do with the current CoVid-19 situation.

2) In addition, the faculty/university has now implemented the requirements of the state of Saxony-Anhalt and decided that candidates who do not show up for a registered examination, i.e. who simply stay away (even without giving reasons), automatically express their desire to withdraw. This withdrawal will then be granted automatically and entered into the LSF web portal. Therefore you will not receive a failed attempt! Also the number of your retry possibilities does not change.

3) If you take part in an exam, the achieved performance will be evaluated by all means and will also be included in your grade report via the LSF-webportal.
This also includes the case of an early submission of an exam. Crucial is your participation as such.

4) There are no "free attempts", i.e. if you take part in a
(registered) exam and "pass" it, a retake is excluded. Should you "fail" the examination, the regulations regarding the possibilities of retaking the examination according to your study and examination regulations apply.

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Information on additional modules

As "additional modules", you can only take courses outside the Faculty of Economics and Management, for example if you want to gain additional qualifications in rhetoric, pedagogy or other areas - but always outside the FEM. Students enrolled in Bachelor's programs cannot take Master's modules and vice versa. Only modules that are open for your course of study can be taken.

You can find the allocation list approved by the Faculty Council with all approved openings here: 


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