Exam registration in case of technical problems

Beginning with the upcoming winter semester 2019/20, in case of technical problems on the last 3 days before the deadline, it is possible to register for the exams via e-mail to the examination office. The e-mail must be sent from the student OvGU address ( and contain the following information: 

  • Matriculation number, first and last name
  • Exam(s) to be registered incl. exam number, examiner
  • Reason why a registration on your own via the LSF is not possible

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E-mail contact with the Examination Office

E-mails from students to the Examination Office are only processed or answered if they were sent from the student mail address ( and if the matriculation number is included as well! 

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Equivalent Exams terminating study programmes

The equivalence tests as decided by the examination board for the expiring Master's programmes can be found here

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Equivalent Exams ORBA

An overview of the equivalent exams for the master program Operations Research and Business Analytics can be found here.

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Equivalent Examination

The examinations in accordance with the 2009 and 2012 examination and study requirements for the bachelor programs: Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Volkswirtschaftslehre, International Management and International Business and Economics will be offered for a final time in the upcoming summer term 2018. Equivalent examinations will be offered in the winter term 2019 and thereafter. For more information, please refer to the attached announcement as well as the overview of equivalent examinations for BWL, VWL, IM and IBE.

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