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In light of the corona pandemic, the start of all courses of the summer semester - exceptions were and are possible in individual cases - was postponed to 20.04.2020. Since events with physical attendance are not possible for the time being, digital teaching formats, the provision of downloadable materials, recommended literature, teaching videos, conference calls, etc. will be implemented.

On top of the list of all professorships/lecturers, under the heading "Planning Summer Semester FWW 2020", there are also numerous useful tips of general interest covering all events regarding the course of teaching in this semester.  For the individual courses offered by the Faculty (overview), there will be very different approaches in some cases. Students will not miss out on anything, and will be provided with event-specific information, if they follow the announcement made by the Dean of Studies (email dated 23.03.2020) to register via the OVGU e-learning platform for all lectures they wish to attend in the summer.

Here's how it's done: After logging in on the aforementioned page, select the "SoSe 2020", then the "FWW", and click through the individual professors/lectures to the desired lecture. The enrollment key to be entered in the last step is currently identical for all lectures and was announced in the above-mentioned e-mail from the Dean of Studies.

Above the list of all professorships/lectures, under the heading "2020 FEM Summer Semester Plan", there are also numerous useful tips of general and course related information regarding the course of teaching in this semester. 

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FEM welcomes two substituting professors

Just in time for the start of the 2020 summer semester, PD Dr. Thomas Kirschstein (MLU Halle-Wittenberg) and Dr. Janis Sebastian Neufeld (TU Dresden) have taken over the temporarily vacant chairs of Operations Management and Management Science. The former chair holders - Professor Kiesmüller (OM) and Jan Ehmke (MS), whom the Faculty Council had recently bid farewell with some melancholy, have been called to the TU Munich and the University of Vienna respectively. For the coming weeks, until the regular filling of the positions, two excellent representatives of their fields of expertise have been secured for Magdeburg, the aforementioned deputy professors Kirschstein and Neufeld. Research and teaching of the faculty, and in particular, the audience of their courses, can look forward to excellent new additions to the FEM's professorial team.   

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Limited Faculty Operations

In order to slow down the spread of the corona virus, administrative activities at the chairs, in the Office of the Dean, in the Office of the Dean of Studies of the FEM, in the Examination Office, and the International Study Program (ISP) Office, etc. will now be further limited or changed in addition to the cancellation of examinations and lectures. To ensure this, the 
physical presence of employees on campus is reduced to a necessary minimum - in accordance with the instructions of their respective superiors - and as a rule, faculty staff will work from home. In order to avoid standing in front of closed office doors, internal and external visitors at the faculty are advised to evaluate the urgency of their comments, questions, or concerns, and to postpone the clarification of a matter if possible. However, matters should be addressed first by telephone or, preferably, via email. For the reasons mentioned above, the computer laboratories of the faculty (rooms A-011/012) and the faculty center (A-225/226 in G22) will also be closed until further notice.

For additional information on individual departments and administrative units of the FEM, please visit their respective websites.

OVGU Website

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Start of the Summer Semester 2020

According to an agreement between the Minister of Science and the higher education institutions administration of Saxony-Anhalt (see MWWD press release of  12.03.2020), teaching and examinations at OVGU will be suspended from 13.03. until 20.04.2020. Exceptions include - if specific conditions are met: individual testing, agreement of all parties involved, 
guaranteeing a minimum social distance, etc. - are possible until further notice. The measure is intended to protect the health of students, university staff and third parties by combating and slowing down the spread of the corona virus. Information on further decisions in question of the educational operation, organization details, etc., will be provided in the coming days through relevant media channels, including the OVGU homepage. Please understand that the construction of webpages may take a little longer than usual or that answers to received questions cannot always be given immediately.

"Just briefly" - Professor Weimann's new Youtube channel

Professor Joachim Weimann, Chair of Economic Policy at our faculty, has officially become a YouTuber. He has just launched a channel that feature short and precise videos with entertainment and high educational value on YouTube, which is visited by billions of people every day. His message, in a nutshell, "Everyone is talking about climate policy. But is it a good policy? Where are the current misunderstandings coming from? What models & methods are there and how can they be implemented? These are the questions I would like to address in my videos... just briefly:"

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