Outstanding Teaching Evaluations for Prof. Jan Ehmke and Junior Prof. Felix Noth

After reviewing the lecturer evaluations provided by students in the Eval.uni-Portal, it was clear for some time to whom the FEM Teaching Prizes for the winter semester 2018/19 would go. The summer party for the faculty staff, held at the beginning of July, provided dean of studies Prof. Eichfelder the perfect occasion to reveal the secret and present the award. Prof. Jan Ehmke (LS Management Science) was honored, not for the first time, for his “outstanding commitment to the bachelor's degree programs.” The best overall ranking in the master's field was received by Jun.-Prof. Felix Noth (JP Banking and Financial Systems). We would like to congratulate the aforementioned lecturers as well as all other winners (Bachelor: 2nd Prof. Michael Kvasnicka, 3rd Thomas Horstmannshoff, M. Sc., wMa at LS Management Science; Master: 2nd Prof. Horst Gischer, 3rd Prof. Matthias Raith)!

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