Our Master Degree Programs

The objective of the business management/ business economics study program is to enable students to recognize problems independently, solve these problems utilizing an economic foundation, and derive potential actions based on these solutions. Students will learn to think systematically and develop advanced analytical skills, both of which will qualify graduates for positions in management as well as consulting.

Modules are offered both in German and English

The content of this study program focuses on the theoretic and empirical analysis of economic measures in different policy areas (trade policy, environmental policy, labor market and social policy). Aside from traditional theoretical analysis, there is also an emphasis on modern empirical procedures of evidence-based political consulting as well as on behavioral economics, e.g. laboratory experiments.

The foundation for the master’s study program Volkswirtschaftliche Politikanalyse / Economic Policy Analysis includes modules such as quantitative measures, microeconomics and macroeconomics. Specialized elective modules within the second and third semesters allow students to more thoroughly understand the complex institutional and social framework conditions of economic and economic-political research. Furthermore, students will be able to utilize all acquired skills in scientific analysis and problem solving.

Modules are offered in German as well as English.

The research- and practice-oriented, quantitatively oriented Master's program provides comprehensive knowledge of national and international tax law, corporate taxation and finance, thus combining business and economic topics.

The IMME study program is designed to equip students with the knowledge, methods, and skills for professionals in the upper and top-level management of internationally operating corporations and organisations.

The Master program in Financial Economics/FINEC is designed to equip students with the knowledge, methods, and skills that professional applied economists or financial analysts and managers are expected to possess.

The ORBA program is designed to equip students with knowledge, quantitative tools and skills for analyzing and monitoring the performance of public and private enterprises and providing managers with quantitative information for strategic, tactical and operational decisions.

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