A new recipe for success for (not only) the DB: Jasim-Melone-Veilchen

"Fragrances, even if we do not consciously perceive them, have a long-term and decisive influence on our well-being and, furthermore, on our consumer behavior. Even after the discontinuation of a fragrance in defined environments, influence on individual decision making remains. These are the results of a study conducted by economics Professor Marko Sarstedt and his colleague, Junior Professor Marcel Lichters, of the Consumer Research Division of the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg in co-operation with researchers from the University of Munich and University of South Florida. [...]"

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Professors Marko Sarstedt and Gudrun Kiesmüller successful in the WirtschaftsWoche ranking

On behalf of WirtschaftsWoche, renowned research institutes (KOF Zurich, DICE Dusseldorf) compiled a BWLer -Ranking in accordance with current survey standards. After evaluating hundreds of international journals and assembling complex calculations of publication performance of around 2,500 researchers in the field of German-speaking business administration, the list of rankings has been confirmed. Marko Sarstedt, Professor of Marketing at FEM, officially belongs to the "Junge Wilden", i.e. the strongest business economists under 40 years of age. His truly remarkable research, which was also awarded the OVGU research prize at the end of last year, propelled him to place 25 in the aforementioned group.

In the overall ranking of authorsProf. Gudrun Kiesmüller is named as the best Magdeburger in places 117 ("Life Achievement") and 103 (Publication Achievement 2014 to '18). With these outstanding results, she is now one of the top 5% of researchers in the field of business administration based and/or born in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. 

Last but not least, Andreas Bortfeldt , who became an associate professor at the FEM until his retirement at the end of last year, received a place on the 250-name Lifetime List. Congratulations to all participants!

Ranking Results in "Research Monitoring"

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