IWH Doctoral Program in Economics: Call for Applications

The Halle Institute for Economic Research - Member of the Leibniz Association, one of the leading economic research institutions in Germany and closely affiliated with the faculty, is offering qualified graduates the opportunity to be admitted into the IWH Doctoral Program in Economics. Application deadline for the upcoming autumn class 2019 is February 28th.
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Chair of Business Administration Excursion, Corporate Accounting

Shortly after the beginning of the year, participants of the workshop "Business Crime and Ethics: A Practice-Oriented Introduction" and the seminar "Project on Accounting" traveled to Brussels for a three-day excursion with Prof. Dr. Chwolka and Mr. Oelrich of the European Commission.



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Information Regarding the Dean of Studies (Studiendekanats)

Information pertaining to the allocation of seats, scheduling in the Economics (Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen und Volkswirtschaftlichen) Seminars, and the bachelor theses in SS 2019 can be found on the website of the Dean's Office

FWW occupies tenure track professorship in "Behavioral International Management"

After a call was awarded and negotiations concluded, Dr. David Bendig, an Academic Councilor at the RWTH Aachen, has promised to transfer to OVGU. If the formalities are processed as planned, he will begin positively contributing to the faculty in February of 2019. "Behavioral International Management" is the official name of his professorship. Initially limited in time, his tenure will be extended to a permanent professorship in a few years if various performance criteria are met. He will certainly be an asset from day one. We are delighted to have him on board!

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