EURAM Best Paper Award for Susanne Enke and Andreas Reinhardt

Prof. Susanne Enke and Andreas Reinhardt, M. Sc., researchers at the FEM Chair of International Management, were recently presented with the Best Paper Award in the field of Public and Non-Profit Management at the 2019 EURAM in Lisbon. Congratulations! The title of their award-winning paper is: "The Influence of Familiarity with the Status Quo, Power, and For-Profit Experience on the Openness to Change: the Moderating Role of Satisfaction".

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Outstanding Teaching Evaluations for Prof. Jan Ehmke and Junior Prof. Felix Noth

After reviewing the lecturer evaluations provided by students in the Eval.uni-Portal, it was clear for some time to whom the FEM Teaching Prizes for the winter semester 2018/19 would go. The summer party for the faculty staff, held at the beginning of July, provided dean of studies Prof. Eichfelder the perfect occasion to reveal the secret and present the award. Prof. Jan Ehmke (LS Management Science) was honored, not for the first time, for his “outstanding commitment to the bachelor's degree programs.” The best overall ranking in the master's field was received by Jun.-Prof. Felix Noth (JP Banking and Financial Systems). We would like to congratulate the aforementioned lecturers as well as all other winners (Bachelor: 2nd Prof. Michael Kvasnicka, 3rd Thomas Horstmannshoff, M. Sc., wMa at LS Management Science; Master: 2nd Prof. Horst Gischer, 3rd Prof. Matthias Raith)!

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Applications open: Germany Scholarship and Corporate Scholarship

The "Deutschlandstipendium" (Germany Scholarship)  provides dedicated and talented students an income-independent grant of 300 EUR per month for at least two semesters. Students must have at least two semesters remaining at the OVGU, be enrolled, and have a GPA of at least 2.5. Interested students can submit their application documents to the Stipendienportal (scholarship portal) until July 15th.

The "Unternehmensstipendium" (Corporate Scholarship) offers students the opportunity to gain practical experience within a company. In addition to funding of at least 300 EUR per month for at least two semesters, the participating companies offer special opportunities; for example, a compulsory internship, cooperation in thesis writing, or participation in seminars and events. Students applying must be enrolled at the OVGU for at least two further semesters and must be willing to take advantage of specific offers from the partner corporation. Interested students can upload their application documents to the Stipendienportal (scholarship portal) until 15 July."

12th Magdeburg Financial Market Discussion: Between Brexit and Trade Barriers Quo vadis Europa?

Organized by the Forschungszentrum für Sparkassenentwicklung e. V. (Research Center for Savings Bank Development e. V.), partner of the FEM, discussion participants met experts from the field of science, politics & business, executives from the savings bank sector, members of the regional banking industry, and more. The 12th Magdeburg Financial Market Discussion took place on June 27th in the Maritim Hotel Magdeburg. The theme of the conference, which was decided upon months ago, seemed more relevant than ever: "Between Brexit and Trade Barriers - Quo vadis Europa?" A lively debate was held surrounding the causes and effects of emerging processes of global economic disintegration. Speakers were FEM-Professor Horst Gischer, Managing Director of the FZSE, this year Mr. Burkhard Balz (Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank), Uwe Burkert (Chief Economist LBBW), Georf Huber (Head of the DSGV Representative Office in Brussels), Dr. Ing. Volker Treier (General Manager DIHK), and Mr Thomas Wünsch (State Secretary in the Ministry of Economic Affairs LSA) won.

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Mid-term Evaluation Jun.- Prof. Marcel Lichters

Congratulations to Marcel Lichters, FEM Junior Professor of Consumer Behavior, for a successful interim evaluation! Following the recent endorsement by the Senate of OvGU in correspondence with recommendations from an evaluation commission (chaired by Prof. Sarstedt), external experts, and the Faculty Council, there are no obstacles preventing further cooperation with Marcel Lichters. After almost three years of teaching and research at the FEM, his "Bewährung im Amt" (preliminary office period) has been established and an extension of his employment contract has been initiated. 

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