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Welcome to the Faculty of Economics and Management
at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg


Studying at FWW = Studying at a "High Level”

The renowned German Center for Higher Education Development (CHE) has published his current university ranking in the field of Business Administration/ BWL. The corresponding surveys and analyses included fact and data checks, departmental and student surveys, etc., and led to a quiet pleasant rating in the range of German higher institutions and universities.
Appropriate a dozen of categories distinguished by the CHE, the study programs offered by the faculty are ranked in the so-called "top range" of all universities: "General study situation", "Support at the beginning of studies", "Support during studies", "Study organization", "Support by lecturers", "Support for study abroad" etc. Results, details are published and can be found at the following website here
The Faculty of Economics and Management is very pleased about the good rating given by the participants of the CHE. Furthermore, about the feedback of students about open possibilities of improvement, and new challenges, projects, which we have to take to make sure the quality of teaching and research is still high during the next CHE survey. We would like to thank all CHE survey participants for they support in this way! Thank you!

"What is it like to start over in away from home - abroad?" - Mohamad Alhussein Saoud’s Interview in the uni:magazine

"Already in Syria, Mohamad Alhussein Saoud," research assistant at the FEM, Chair of Applied Economic Research, "did his bachelor’s and afterward a master’s degree in Economics at the University of Aleppo. Today, he is working on his doctorate - in Magdeburg. After his arrival in Germany in 2015, he started immediately to take passionately care of other refugees. Now, he is teaching students at the University of Magdeburg. However, that does not means that Saoud is new in research and science.  Through various scholarships he also acquired a master's degree in democratic governance, as too several further academic trainings in the field of human rights and democratization in Italy, Lithuania and Turkey. In 2015, his path leads him to Germany when the country officially opens its borders to Syrian refugees. But what exactly was his path to Magdeburg? [...]."

Is continued at …. uni:magazin ...

Honoring FEM Lecturers at the Summer BBQ Party

On June 21, right during the traditional Summer BBQ Party of the FEM, Dr. Carsten Heimann received his habilitation certificate from the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management, Prof. Sadrieh. After the preparation, submission, review and successful defense of his habilitation thesis, as well as after the positive evaluation of his public lecture, he had been granted with the authorization to teach in the field of civil law, commercial and corporate law, and business law following by a decision of the Faculty Council, June 7.
"The habilitation," as the state university law puts it, "is the proof of being able to independently represent a field of science [...]". The corresponding attainment of the degree "doctor habilitatus" also entitles the holder to use the title "Privatdozent". Congratulations to PD Dr. Heimann!

On the same occasion, the WiSe 2023 teaching awards were handed over to the winners, as always determined by the end-of-semester evaluation in Eval.uni. Eduard Buzila, 1st prize in the bachelor’s category, Mohamad Alhussein Saoud (2nd), Prof. Dr. Michael Kvasnicka (3rd). In the category master’s teaching won Saskia Salmen (1st, Dr. Dmitri Bershadskyy (2nd), Prof. Dr. Susanne Schmidt (3rd). Congratulations!

OVGU Press Release on the Appointment of FEM's Professor Lena Tonzer

>>Economist Prof. Dr. Lena Tonzer has been appointed to the Chair of Economics, in particular Macroeconomics, at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, effective by April 1, 2023. She moved to Magdeburg from the Finance Department at the Free University of Amsterdam and will be researching and teaching at the University's Faculty of Economics and Management starting this summer semester. She is also a research group leader at the Leibniz Institute for Economic Research Halle in the area of International Financial Markets and Banking.

Her teaching focus is Macroeconomics. A field of economics that looks at the economy and its sectors and parameters in broader contexts. Macroeconomists like Professor Lena Tonzer teach, for example, how a country's gross domestic product (GDP) develops and what consequences government or central bank policy measures have on overall economic development. "So you take a bird's eye view in terms of economics," says Lena Tonzer. [...].<< Read more here (in German only available)

PwC-arqus Prize 2023 Awarded to FEM Graduate

Mr. Yannis Kiel is awarded with an annual prize for his outstanding thesis in the field of business taxation "Die Höhe der Bürokratiekosten der Grundsteuerreform 2022" by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Arbeitskreis Quantitative Steuerlehre e. V. (arqus) . The Chair of Business Taxation, Prof. Sebastian Eichfelder, has supervised this thesis writing. Congratulations! The award ceremony is determined for mid-July, at the arqus Annual Conference 2023.

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