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Welcome to the Faculty of Economics and Management
at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg


Interview with Professor Reint E. Gropp "How can we make it through Inflation?“

In a recent OVGU uni:magazine interview with Professor Reint E. Gropp, economics professor at FEM and president of the Leibniz Institute for Economic Research Halle, discusses the persistent turmoil that our economy has been facing for quite some time. With the heading being "How can we make it through inflation?", Prof. Gropp gets to the heart of the matter in an understandable way, explaining what is on everyone’s mind and how the measures taken are working. Absolutely worth reading!

To read the interview (only in German), click here.

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Prof. Marlin Ulmer ranked excellently on WiWo Business Research Ranking

On behalf of WirtschaftsWoche (WiWo), KOF Zurich has compiled a business administration ranking in accordance with the latest survey standards. After evaluating hundreds of international journals and a complex calculation of the publication output of several thousand researchers in the field of German-language business administration, it was determined and recently announced: Prof. Marlin Ulmer, Professor of Management Science at FEM, has made it into the top 50. In fact, twice at that: In the comparison of the "most research-intensive business economists under 40", he is ranked 20th, and in the overall ranking he is ranked 26th (observation period in each case: 2018 - 2022). This is truly remarkable, congratulations!

Professor Eichfelder’s Research Findings Makes its Rounds

With calculations on the extent of misallocation of investments in the real estate sector caused by current tax structures, FEM Professor Sebastian Eichfelder has hit a chord in the past few days. The Tagesspiegel, Deutschlandfunk and others picked up on the results of analyses which he had initiated on behalf of the Investigate Europe research association, with the aim of tracking down the specifics and, not least, the distributional effects of real estate taxation in Germany and Europe.  

According to economists, these regulations lead to a so-called "misallocation" of capital in the billions. Meaning, people would not invest the money in houses if there were no tax incentives. Prof. Eichfelder, Chair in Business Taxation, calculated for Investigate Europe that this overinvestment amounts to 68 to 110 billion euros per year.

With its tax policy for real estate companies, the government is doing the opposite of what it promised citizens: To create affordable housing. Speaking to Investigate Europe, Eichfelder said, "There should be much more talk about these tax privileges, which essentially benefit the richest one percent of the population."

Read more here.

2022 FEM Graduation Ceremony

Nearly 300 invited guests ventured into Lecture Hall 5 on November 26 to celebrate the successful completion of studies of our most recent as well as the past two graduating classes. After two cancellations due to the pandemic, the ninety-minute ceremony was a very special occasion for everyone present. So much commotion –  “Hello, how are you?“; “You here?”; “Where are you studying/working/living now?“ – had not been the case for a long time. All guests were greeted in the entrance area of Lecture Hall 5 by the FEM Alumni Association, who provided sparkling wine and juice. The photo booth served its purpose and was a huge hit as well. The official portion of the program included festive and witty speeches, live music by ‘Luise and Friends’, recognition of outstanding teaching and study achievements, and last but not least, the conferring of certificates and diplomas. We would like to congratulate all graduates once again, and mention that all photos of the event are now available to download.

OVGU Teaching Award goes to Professor Christopher Schlägel

On November 29, the 420th birthday of Otto von Guericke himself, OVGU invited guests to its traditional Academic Ceremony in the Johannis Church. After cancellations due to the pandemic in the past two years, this event was “packed with celebrities“: Ministers of Science, State Secretaries, the Mayor of Magdeburg and her two predecessors, renowned representatives of universities and social institutions associated with us in a spirit of partnership, among them, as keynote speaker of the event, the President of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Parzinger, etc. Following the musical opening by the Academic Orchestra, a successful evening took its course. From the faculty's point of view, the following two points on the agenda certainly a deserve special mention:

This year's OVGU teaching award was presented to Prof. Dr. Christopher Schlägel. This year, there was no way to miss out on his outstanding commitment and talent, his extremely comprehensive and flexible didactic orientation towards the individual learning success of his courses‘ participants. In a series of recorded interviews, students expressed the high level of time Prof. Schlägel devotes to their problems and questions. The teaching prize was awarded equally to Christopher Schlägel and Dr. Magdowski (FEIT).

Dr. Frauke Kühn was awarded this year's doctoral prize by the faculty. Her dissertation, supervised by Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Marko Sarstedt (until 09/2021 FWW, now LMU Munich), is entitled "The Importance of Haptics in Sensory Marketing" and, like the doctorate as a whole, was awarded the top grade "summa cum laude". We congratulate her and Prof. Schlägel most sincerely!    

Read more here.

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