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Welcome to the Faculty of Economics and Management
at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg


At the Chair of Business Administration, esp. Management Accounting and Control…

... a position (100 %, E13 TV-L, temporary) for research assistance (m/f/d) is to be filled as soon as possible. The deadline for applications is January 26.

"What I see is what I want" – Prof. Sven Müller in GUERICKE '21 Research Magazine

In the current issue of the OVGU research magazine "GUERICKE", in an article worth reading (author: Julia Heundorf), the FEM is featured regarding a research project of Prof. Sven Müller (Chair of Business Administration/Operations Management). "Together with a colleague from TU Darmstadt, he is examining which factors motivate people to get photovoltaic systems on their own houses - in particular the "peer" factor with the question: Is someone more likely to install a solar system on their roof if their neighbor also has one?" And the answer is: basically yes, but the decisive factor is not so much that the neighbor has it, the decisive factor is that you see it ... "I spot, I adopt". But read it for yourself here!

Information of the Dean's Office of Study Affairs: Registration is now possible!

From now on, registration for all Master Seminars, Scientific Projects, Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen und Volkswirtschaftlichen Seminars as well as for the Bachelor Thesis Seminars in SS 2022 is possible via the E-Learning Portal OVGU - course area "Studiendekanat". Registration is possible until Friday, January 28, 2022 at 23:55!

For further information on the allocation of places and scheduling in the Seminar of Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen und Volkswirtschaftlichen as well as for the Bachelor Theses in SS 2022, please visit the website of the Dean’s Office of Study Affairs under the section "Information on Bachelor programs".

Information on the allocation of places in the Master's Seminars and Scientific Projects in the summer semester 2022 can be found on the following website [Section: Information on master programs].

FEM Teaching Awards Presented

The FEM teaching awards for the 2021 summer semester were presented during the faculty council meeting on December 1. After evaluating the assessments of lecturers submitted by students in the Eval.uni portal, the rankings listed below were determined with consistently excellent individual evaluations and mostly razor-thin margins, for which we would like to offer our heartfelt congratulations! Of course, the same applies to the best of the 2020-21 winter semester, listed in the overview as well. They are typically honored at the faculty’s summer festival, which this year, like many other occasions, fell victim to the pndemic.




2020-21 WS  

  1. Prof. Janis Neufeld
  2. Sarah-Alena Rössig, M. Sc.
  3. Dr. Benedikt Mihm

  1. Prof. Andreas Knabe
  2. Dr. Melanie Borah
  3. Dr. Stefan Kupfer

2021 SS

  1. Mohamad Alhussein Saoud, M. Sc.
  2. Sarah-Alena Rössig, M. Sc.
  3. Prof. Susanne Schmidt

  1. Toni Tom Müller, M. Sc.
  2. Prof. Christopher Schlägel
  3. Prof. Matthias Raith

2021’s Best FEM Post-Doc: Prof. Dr. Kathleen Kürschner Rauck

The academic ceremony is traditionally held annually in Magdeburg's St. John's Church (Johanniskirche) on Otto von Guericke's birthday at the end of November,, in which OVGU honors its best doctoral students. However, due to the pandemic, the 2021 ceremony had to be postponed indefinitely for the time being; the doctoral award ceremony took place online on Nov. 25 (video link). For her outstanding research achievements, Prof. Dr. Kathleen Kürschner Rauck - formerly scientific assistant at the chair of Prof. Kvasnicka (VWL/Angewandte Wirtschaftsforschung), meanwhile assistant professor at the University of St. Gallen - was awarded the Faculty Prize in Economics as 2021’s Best Doctoral Student. The title of her dissertation is "Essays on Population and Housing Economics." All reviewer votes and also the overall grade in the doctoral process have been noted as summa cum laude. Congratulations!

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