OVGU Press Release on the Appointment of FEM's Professor Lena Tonzer

>>Economist Prof. Dr. Lena Tonzer has been appointed to the Chair of Economics, in particular Macroeconomics, at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, effective by April 1, 2023. She moved to Magdeburg from the Finance Department at the Free University of Amsterdam and will be researching and teaching at the University's Faculty of Economics and Management starting this summer semester. She is also a research group leader at the Leibniz Institute for Economic Research Halle in the area of International Financial Markets and Banking.

Her teaching focus is Macroeconomics. A field of economics that looks at the economy and its sectors and parameters in broader contexts. Macroeconomists like Professor Lena Tonzer teach, for example, how a country's gross domestic product (GDP) develops and what consequences government or central bank policy measures have on overall economic development. "So you take a bird's eye view in terms of economics," says Lena Tonzer. [...].<< Read more here (in German only available)

PwC-arqus Prize 2023 Awarded to FEM Graduate

Mr. Yannis Kiel is awarded with an annual prize for his outstanding thesis in the field of business taxation "Die Höhe der Bürokratiekosten der Grundsteuerreform 2022" by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Arbeitskreis Quantitative Steuerlehre e. V. (arqus) . The Chair of Business Taxation, Prof. Sebastian Eichfelder, has supervised this thesis writing. Congratulations! The award ceremony is determined for mid-July, at the arqus Annual Conference 2023.

"Will social enterprises save the world?" - Prof. Matthias Raith in the OVGU Science Podcast.

"The UN has set itself 17 sustainability goals - including: quality education and clean water for everybody, climate protection measures, as well peace and justice. Big goals that nonprofit organizations cannot achieve on their own. That is where social entrepreneurs come in. They are not interested in making big profit, but they want to improve the world and solve social problems. Prof. Raith talks about whether they can save the world and how they can finance that without making big profits in the new episode of "Know it When You Want it." read /listen more here ...

FEM Prof. Knabe in uni:magazin Interview: “How socially just is Germany?”

February 20th is Social Justice Day. For a democratic welfare state, in which we live in Germany, this is an important concept. But what exactly does social justice mean, and can we really achieve this ideal state in times of inflation and climate change? If so, how distant is Germany from social justice? Prof. Dr. Andreas Knabe delves into this topic in an interview that can be found here (in German only).

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FEM Prof. Schlägel on OVGU Podcast: “How compatible are research and teaching?”

When you become a scientist, your everyday work is not just lab work, research, surveys and the like - it is not just research. It also involves standing in front of a large number of students in the lecture hall and inspiring them with enthusiasm for one's own field of science. The ideal scenario is therefore straightforward: research and teaching should be intertwined, but is that really the case? One of our teachers who seems to succeed in this is Prof. Schlägel. The economist is one of the 2022 teaching award winners. He was honored, among other things, for his research and practice-oriented teaching. On this podcast, he talks about how research and teaching are compatible, what constitutes good teaching, and what motivates him.

Read and hear more here (in German only).

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